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NCTU Oversea Experience Festival

The World is Your Stage
NCTU Oversea Experience Festival

Time: Every November and December (undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students of any year).

From the Silicon Valley to Hsin-chu Science Park and the entire world, NTCU members are the leaders in the international development of Taiwan’s high-tech industries. What drives this growth is the outstanding research and teaching conducted by the NCTU professors and alumni. The “NCTU Oversea Experience Festival” is the overseas employment and education fair unique to the members of NCTU; it helps NCTU graduates get into prestigious institutes and enterprises in Europe, North America, and Asia and also promotes our excellent graduates to top universities, research institutes and enterprises.

Working with our students, the Career and Advanced Studying Division holds a series of seminars and events every November in which NCTU/non-NCTU professors and professionals are invited to share their experiences of studying, living, and working abroad with our undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students. Taiwan Representative Offices throughout the world will introduce how different countries recruit foreign talents, and exchange students will also introduce their native cultures. Moreover, business associations and international enterprises such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Intel, Sony, and Toshiba will also come to our campus to recruit talents, and NCTU alumni will share their experiences with the current students. If you dream to innovate and change the world, the “NCTU Oversea Experience Festival” is the ladder that lets you climb up to the stage of the world!