Division of Career Services



On-campus Recruitment

Time: Every November to the following April
(undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students of any year).

NCTU Open House On-campus Recruitment started the slogan of “best talents go into best companies” since 1988 . This is also the first large-scale employment fair planned and executed by students in Taiwan. Had gone through the global financial recession and unpaid leaves , hundreds of reputable enterprises still participated in our fair and provided tens of thousands of jobs. Now nearly 300 enterprises come to our campus to recruit talents specialized in technology or humanities fields, complete with great prizes and other exciting programs. This fully manifests the outstanding performance of NCTU members in Taiwanese industries as well as our importance to enterprises.

Other than this, more than 50 sessions of company orientations and speeches are held in March and April in order to give our students overviews on the latest development of technologies and industries’ trends.

Open House is an employment carnival, and if you are NCTU students or alumni who wishes to change your career, are about to graduate and want to look for jobs or wish to learn more before graduating, join us!