Career Center

Resume Writing Skills

I. Resume

  1. Personal information: Include name, sex, marital status, mailing address, telephone number and e-mail that should be provided precisely.
  2. Applying for a job position: The job department and position applied for.
  3. Education: Write down from the highest level of education down sequentially with the date of degree received indicated. The double major, minor or overseas study experience should be indicated in the notes.
  4. Work experience: The qualifications and prior employment with the company, department, and position including a brief job description. For the new graduates, describe the social group and part-time job they were associated with, including the positions and achievements; also how they are related to the job position applied for.
  5. Languages: Language ability includes listening, speaking, reading and writing; also, it is divided into four levels as excellent, good, above average and average. The test results with credentials should be presented, if any.
  6. Professional skills: The photocopy of the certificate, qualification or professional training courses should be enclosed along with the resume.

The resume content shall not be more than one A4 page. Please check the contents repeatedly to avoid any typos or grammatical errors.

II. The cover letter

Briefly explain in the letter how the job information was learned, the reasons for applying for the job position, the qualifications for the job position, the ambition for the work, and personality; and last but not the least, politely request the supervisor to read the resume and to grant an interview.

III. Autobiography

Autobiography should be limited to 600-1000 words with the intent to demonstrate personal traits, including the information on family background, educational background, work experience, work recognition and self-expectation. Also, demonstrate a strong motivation for job application and describe sufficient qualifications required for the intended position.