Division of Career Services

Staff and Duties

Section Chief 
Associate Professor , Institute of Communications Engineering 

Section Members
Wen-Ling Wu
  1. NCTU On-campus recruitment.
  2. R&D Substitute Services recruitment
  3. Career planning and placement counseling seminars
  4. Counseling Graduates Association related matters
  5. Arranging bussiness field trip activities
  6. Enterprise mentoring program

Pei-Chun Li


  1. Arranging Graduates Association Cup activities
  2. Employment platform maintenance and management
  3. Graduate gifts distribution 

Li-Yu Tsou 

  1. Arranging Graduates Association Cup activities
  2. NCTU Oversea Experience Festival
  3. Graduate questionnaires collection and statistical analysis
  4. Alumni follow up and data base establishment
  5. Internship Program promotion