Division of Career Services

R&D Substitute Services

A Jump-board into Top Enterprises
— R&D Substitute Services

Time: Every September ~ November (master’s/doctoral students of any year)

        To master’s and doctoral students, the R&D Substitute Services is the best way to maintain their research and get into the high-tech industry! The service is divided into three stages through a span of 3 years. Stage 1 is the basic military training that lasts 4 weeks, in which a draftee is paid at the rate as a private ($5,890). In Stage 2, which lasts 1 year after combined with Stage 1, the draftee goes into the hiring company for internship and is paid as a reserve officer ($10,660~15,570). Stage 3 is a 2-year R&D phase, and a draftee is treated in accordance with the Labor Standards Act. Many well-known enterprises recruit NCTU graduates. Of the 3,089 master’s/doctoral students who successfully went into employment in 2008, 383 were NCTU graduates, making it the best among all the universities in Taiwan.

The Career and Advanced Studying Division is the bridge between NCTU students and employers; in every October and November we host a series of seminars and recruitment fairs on the R&D Substitute Services. Managers of major enterprises come to the school to introduce their corporate systems and the latest R&D developments, collect student resumes, and hold group interviews on campus to recruit students. This opportunity is open to any NCTU master’s/doctoral student whether is Science, Engineering or Humanities fields related. Don’t miss it!