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(Internship)2015 National Development Council Internship Program

The National Development Council is announcing the 2015 Summer Internship Program. The designated internship programs we offer this year are listed in the Preferred Work Assignment section below. Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications for the program prior to May 20, 2015. More information, including the length of internship, required documents and application procedures, can be found in the Attachments section below.

Preferred Work Assignment

• Research on Regional Economic Policies
Preferred requirements: Be familiar with industries and foreign trade policy of Southeast Asian countries. Fluent in at least one Southeast Asian official language excluding English.

• Social Development Issue Research and Program Planning

• Apprenticed in HeadStart Taiwan Policy and Social Media Communication and Participation
Preferred requirements: Be familiar with using social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter. Interested in topics of public policies and entrepreneurship.

• Human Resources Development Issues in Taiwan and Administrative Assistance of an International Workshop
Preferred requirements: Experienced in participating international conferences.

• National Spatial Planning and Urban Planning
Preferred requirements: MS degree in urban planning or related fields.

• State-run Enterprises Performance Management
Preferred requirements: French ability.

• E- Government, Citizen E-Participation, Open Data and Big Data
Preferred requirements: Public administration, information management, and information engineering. Spanish ability.

• Attachment 1: Internship Program Notice (English)
• Attachment 2: Internship Program (Chinese)
• Attachment 3: Application Form
• Attachment 4: Internship Agreement

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