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(Full-Time) Jasper Display Corp. Taiwan Headquarter Job opening

Jasper Display Corp. Taiwan Headquarter Job opening


Job Description

l   Technology application or software design in photonics /holographic


l   Doctoral degree or Postdoc, majoring in electro-optics, electrical and computer engineering, computer science, engineering and science field. Current doctoral students who will graduate soon are welcomed to apply.

l   Fluent in English

l   Flexible working hours (for doctoral students)


l   Acquire and use system level knowledge to make improvements using software.

l   Design, modify, develop, write and implement software applications for hardware responding to both internal and external customers.


l   Jasper Display Corp. Headquarter

7F-16, No. 81, Shuili Rd., East Dist., Hsinchu City 30059, Taiwan

l   Website: http://www.jasperdisplay.com/about-jdc/index.html

l   Company description:

Jasper Display Corporation, operations started in 2010, is a leading designer of SLM (Spatial Light Modulators) and has successfully developed and brought to the marketplace several new, very resolution LCOS panel, including Full HD(FHD) and 4K2K(UHD), and its ASIC controller OCM(One Chip Modulator). In addition, Jasper Display has the world’s smallest pixel size in his 4K2K(UHD) panel in the world. It has a great advantage in the hologram application and the compact design. By the function of amplitude modulation and phase modulation, Jasper Display’s product could be applied to variety applications, including light communication, data storage, bio-medical, 3D hologram, near-eye display, light computation, digital optics, big size TV, cinema projection, etc.


l   Email your CV and supplementary materials to Ms. Aimee Yang(wantingyang0911@nctu.edu.tw).